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Writing a Positive Rejection Letter

Posted August 20, 2019

No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but sending a rejection email to a candidate, especially if he or she was a finalist, is an unavoidable part..

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Developing Management Skills to Improve Employee Retention

Posted August 12, 2019

As an employer or a manager, your job is less about managing the work that goes past your desk and more about managing the people that work for you...

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Finding, Hiring, and Retaining High Quality Talent

Posted August 07, 2019

In today's economy, businesses are finding themselves in a unique situation. The US labor force is expected to keep growing, in addition to the growing..

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Finding Quality Talent With X-FACTOR

Posted July 29, 2019

The hiring process is often very standardized. Employers look at a candidate's applications, resumes, and interview performance before making their..

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