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Is a Staffing Franchise Right for You?

Posted by Cary Daniel on May 19, 2020 9:22:59 AM
Cary Daniel

The idea of setting off on your own can be exciting, but it’s essential to put some time into determining the kind of business that is most likely to be successful for you. Choose a business with an identifiable and viable market. Ideally, it will be one in which you have experience as a user or employee so that you will know in advance what hazards to watch for and what avenues are most likely to bring you success.

Why Staffing?

If you are an industry veteran, you already know the potential of this business. The “gig” economy is growing. Employees are staying in jobs for ever shorter periods. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to be nimble. They need people to keep up with seasonal demands, or individuals with specialized skills to complete projects. They may want to reduce hiring risks with temp-to-hire options. Even if their workplace is entirely direct hire, they often have neither the time or expertise required to source, screen, interview and hire candidates. It’s not the only obligation on their plate, but one of the most expensive to get wrong.

As an experienced staffing professional, that means opportunity for you.

Why a staffing franchise?

Much like you have the expertise to effectively handle staffing and recruiting functions for employers, a staffing franchisor does the legwork for you. It provides the framework you need to be successful while allowing you the independence of entrepreneurship.

To be successful as part of a staffing franchise you will:

  • Be driven, independent and self-motivated
  • Be willing to learn and implement a proven business system
  • Start from a financially stable position
  • Be serious about growing the business
  • Have a proven track record of success in the staffing industry
  • Be willing to let go of administrative tasks and focus on driving the business

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