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How To Dress For Your Big Interview

Posted May 17, 2019

Congratulations! You've just locked down an interview for your dream job! Interviews can be nerve-racking, and you want to have your head in the game..

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How to Earn Hidden Job Opportunities Before They're Announced

Posted May 13, 2019

In an article on job statistics, reported that recruiters typically spend only 6 seconds looking over a resume on average. In such a short..

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No Work Experience? 3 Tips To Get That Dream Job

Posted May 10, 2019

Trying to find that first dream job out of college, or switching careers completely to pursue your dreams can be a nerve-racking experience. You will..

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4 Top Trends Job Seekers Should Pay Attention To

Posted May 06, 2019

The national unemployment rate dropped to 3.8 percent in February 2019 with 20,000 new jobs created. If the current movement in the job market is any..

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Finding Your Life's Passion

Posted April 29, 2019

"You spend most of your waking hours doing whatever it is that you do for a living, so it should be something that you love."  If you are spending your..

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5 Tips for Telling an Interviewer You Were Fired 

Posted April 22, 2019

Getting fired from a job is a difficult thing to experience. It has the ability to shake your confidence in your competency. Discussing being fired,..

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The Top Ten Power Words to Use on Your Resume

Posted April 16, 2019

One of the hardest things to do when looking over or editing your resume is to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. Your resume will land..

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Nextaff Ranked #1 On Top Rated Local Businesses In Kansas

Posted April 11, 2019

Top Rated Local uses ratings and reviews from verified sites online such as, Facebook and Google. They then rank businesses based on their overall..

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Helpful Ideas to Alleviate Stress at Work

Posted April 10, 2019

At some point or another, most people endure stress at their jobs. It can come from being overworked or just general things that happen throughout the..

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What To Do When You Get Stuck On An Interview Question

Posted April 03, 2019

Maybe it's because you're tired, maybe the subject was designed to be particularly challenging, or maybe you've just had a terrible case of déjà vu and..

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