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The Perils of Interviewing Part 2: Interviewees

Posted December 12, 2019

Many of us may be required to host interviews at some point in our careers, but all of us will have to take them to begin or excel these careers in the..

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3 Pro-tips for Mastering the Art of the Interview

Posted December 02, 2019

Sitting down with a prospective employer for a job interview can be nerve-racking. For most people, "selling yourself" can be as uncomfortable in real..

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Why Lying on Your Resume Is Never a Good Idea

Posted November 27, 2019

Written By: Jennifer Parris, FlexJobs Career Writer

When you’re trying to woo a potential employer (and perhaps you’re lacking skills, experience, or..

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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

Posted November 20, 2019

Written by: Adrianne Bibby, FlexJobs Staff Writer

In the best of all possible worlds, you’re in complete and total control of your career. But then,..

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Finding the Right Employer For You

Posted November 18, 2019

Most companies are looking for quality talent that could be the "right fit" for their organization because they do not want to waste time hiring..

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5 Ways to Deal With Problems at Work, According to a Career and Leadership Coach

Posted November 13, 2019

Written By: Kristi Palma

Are you unhappy at work?

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How to Land the Job When You Don't Have the Experience

Posted November 11, 2019

Written By: Katie Shepherd, Staff Writer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a perfect resume to land the job. Instead, you need to be..

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How Your Attitude Impacts Your Job Search

Posted November 06, 2019

Written By: Greg Kratz

Looking for a job can be exciting, even energizing, as you contemplate the possibilities of different positions and the impact..

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How to Kick Off a Job Search When You Lack Confidence

Posted November 04, 2019

Written By: Jennifer Parris, Flex Jobs Career Writer

It’s easy to get intimidated when you’re reading a job description, especially for a position that..

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Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Posted October 30, 2019

An elevator pitch is a short, pre-prepared speech that succinctly conveys your professional background, goals, and skills. It is named so because you..

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