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What Not to Say in a Job Interview

Posted January 20, 2020

If you’re preparing for an upcoming job interview, you’re likely looking for all the right words and phrases to say. However, have you considered what..

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7 Lessons to Learn From Job Loss

Posted January 15, 2020

Written By: Jessica Howington

Losing a job ranks pretty low on things people want to experience. It happens, though, for a variety of reasons and can..

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5 Signs it's Time to Find a New Job

Posted January 08, 2020

Written By: Adrianne Bibby, FlexJobs Staff Writer

How do you know when it’s time to find a new job? You may be satisfied for the moment with your..

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Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

Posted January 06, 2020

Whether you are fresh out of college or you have several years of professional experience under your belt, you can almost guarantee that every..

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8 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress on the Job

Posted December 30, 2019

Whether you have landed a new job or you're a seasoned employee, work can be stressful every now and then. Here are a few tips to help you reduce..

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Successfully Answering What Is Your Greatest Weakness

Posted December 26, 2019

You’re having a successful interview. Your answers are all on point and you feel like you’re hitting it out of the park. And then, out of left field,..

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Excellent Job Resources for New Graduates

Posted December 23, 2019

Being a recent graduate is an exhilarating time, with one chapter ending and another about to begin. It may feel like your life is in limbo until you..

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What to do When You Keep Getting Email Rejection Notices

Posted December 18, 2019

Written By: Kat Boogaard, FlexJobs Contributing Writer

You check your inbox and your stomach immediately drops into your shoes. There it is—another job..

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LinkedIn Networking: 4 Tips to Standout

Posted December 16, 2019

It's not a stretch to say that LinkedIn h the backbone of the modern professional world. Whether you're looking for a job, professional connections, or..

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The Perils of Interviewing Part 2: Interviewees

Posted December 12, 2019

Many of us may be required to host interviews at some point in our careers, but all of us will have to take them to begin or excel these careers in the..

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